Everybody wants to be good at sex, because sex is a very important aspect of any relationship.

Annabel Knight, presenter and expert on good sex and relationships gives you tips on how to succeed in it. If you want to be the best sexual partner that he had, you should know these things that all sexy women now.

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Good sex starts outside off the bedroom

Before you enter the room, you can start to heat the situation. It’s like foreplay to the foreplay. Play the long game, send a provocative message while working, surprise him with a romantic dinner or massage him with a scented oil. All this may be a good prelude to an unforgettable experience.

good sex

Be prepared for experimentation

You may not be afraid of experimenting. That does not mean you have to use whips and handcuffs, like 50 shades of grey , but he should be ready for new things.

Let you tie your eyes – it probably will not like it, because when your eyes are tied, your other senses are sharpened. Tie your partner and remove ice from the fridge, so you play with his erogenous zones. Be creative. Be “lubricated” When it comes to good sex, it is important to be lubricated. Lubricants that promise delay of orgasm or those that heat is a very good thing. If you are “tinkered” with his penis with a hand that is greased with lubricant, it turns into a  completely new experience

.good sex

Do not forget the part between the testicles and …

Part between the testicles and anus has a lot of nerves and is very sensitive to touch. Slightly press that part with your fingertips and gently massage. Follow his reaction and adjust it pressure and speed in relation to it. Maintain eye contact When someone eye contact, creates a more intimate and intense feeling, especially if your people are separated only a few centimeters. But do not keep on seeing in the eyes of his partner, because it may act creepy. Seconds from time to time are completely satisfied.

good sex

Take control

Yes, sometimes men want women to take control. Initiate sex. Do not let your partner at any time to take control – be over and decide how things are going. If he does not want to dominate you, only Initiate sex.

Use this tips and become queen in bed, and pleasure him with good sex , like he never had!


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