Every second person is obsessed with the excess fat. 

Due to rapid lifestyle, poor diet and lack of physical activity – increased fat in the blood are disease of today.

Sometimes among elevated fat can be observed deposits of fat colored yellow in the type of tile or node on the upper eyelids or other body parts.



With progression of the disease comes to thickening of the artery walls, contributing to other risk factors (such as smoking, alcohol, nicotine), and the consequence of all that, unfortunately, mostly are cardiovascular diseases that are one of the leading causes of death in the world.

If you have elevated levels of fat in the blood, we recommend this product because it helped many.

Ingredients: dried figs and apple cider vinegar

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Make this remedy at night, but drink it in the morning.

Take three good dried figs and prick them with a toothpick on all sides. Then place them in a glass container in which you put two deciliters apple cider vinegar.

Let stand overnight and in the morning eat three figs. Do not dispose the rest of  the vinegar because you can use the same next night, just reinsert three figs prepared in the same manner.

You can use this vinegar seven days, the majority will soak the figs. On the eighth day take new two deciliters vinegar and repeat the procedure once a week. So one round of treatment lasts 14 days. After half a month of treatment, repeat tests and make sure in the effectiveness of the drug, writes portal “Express.hr“.

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