A few months ago, makeup and beauty blogger Em Ford  posted photos of her face without makeup on social media , she came up with something unexpected.


“Seriously… has she ever washed her face?” or “Ugly as f*ck” were only some of the comments she was bombed with.

But, after she covered up her blemishes with makeup, again the positive comments such as, “You’re so pretty,” and “You look amazing.” came back again. Only that this time the compliments were quickly followed up with remarks like “This is why I have trust issues,” and, “Imagine waking up next to her in the morning.”

In her powerful video she shows not only how harmful social media can be to a person’s self-esteem, but also how impossible it is to meet other people’s expectations for you, especially if the feedback you’re getting is on the Internet.

If a gorgeous YouTube beauty blogger could get this kind of response over her bare face, why should any other young women feel comfortable in her own skin? Em ends the video with a quote:

“You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.”

That is how you fight the haters.blogger-em-ford em-ford-blogger-1 em-ford-blogger-2 em-ford-blogger-3

Image source: mypaleskin.blgospot.com


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