According to some reports, some people managed to survive 70 days without food.

What is more fascinating, human bodies are able to develop a defense mechanism to help survive without food for longer period of time, even though the body can die within a few days without water.


Despite these facts, we do not recommend you to starve! Furthermore, we want you to know what happens to your body after a long period of starvation. 


The lack of sugar in the first days lowers your capability of concentration and wariness, and after that can lead you to lucid visionary.


The muscles accumulate albumen which the body uses to get glucose and essential amino acids, which the body cannot receive from food during the process of starvation. The long term starvation can reduce the muscles up to %50 and cause exhaustion and weakness.


The kidneys work intensively  to remove the excess of the alimentary canal , that are produced during the usage of the albumen.


The composition of the hair is mainly of albumen, so don’t be surprised if you lose the shine and thickness of your hair.


Significant loss of calcium  leads to weakens and fragility.


Our glucose reserves can last up to 24 or 48 hours, although most of them will be spent after 6 hours. Then, you will not only feel hungry, but your body will fall into ketosis, which means increased level of ketones in the body. And the huge quantity of produced ketones can lead to dying of the cells of the liver, as well as of the cells of the rest of the organs.




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