Many people trust that stress is something to be thankful for and in reality where being number one, keeping up the highest standards and perfection is such an exaggerated message, it is nothing unexpected that we all get so stressed.

There is no such thing as “anxiety free” it is a some part of regular life, nonetheless we can pick how we manage it, we can either permit it to rule our life or we can find a way to minimize the negative consequences for our health, happiness and well being that stress can bring.

A small amount of anxiety is good for us, it keeps us on our toes and helps us to accomplish to a higher level, be that as it may, the issues start when anxiety turns into a huge part of your daily life and schedule. With no discharge from the issues that are making your stress, strains, tensions and fears, emotional and physical well being can without much of a stretch get to be affected. This can prompt different negative health impacts, for example:

  • Chest pains;
  • Sleeping issues;
  • Higher blood pressure;
  • Stomach issues;
  • Faster heart rate;
  • Headaches;
  • Anger issues;
  • Loss of focus and productivity;
  • Loss of sex drive;
  • Mood swings.

As should be obvious anxiety can be a risky thing. While it can give you the kick you have to complete things, delayed anxiety can cause major issues. It is important to take a look at ways you can calm anxiety outside of sitting staring at the TV, eating or drinking an excess of alcohol.

A Soothing Solution


One of the most ideal ways you can start to expel anxiety and stress from your life is to go for a standard massage. The medical advantages both mentally and physically are tremendous, it acts as a capable precaution system against the greater part of the negative impacts recorded above and is unimaginably relaxing and adjusting.

Massage therapy is a relaxing and simple approach to release stress and clear your psyche of negative thoughts. During a back rub your body discharges both serotonin and dopamine which make a profound feeling of relaxation and wellbeing, empowering the release of anxiety from the body.

Massage has a combined impact, so the more you have one the better the advantages, only one back rub each month to six weeks can drastically diminish muscle tension and pain, and lessen your heart rate and blood pressure and in addition your stress hormone levels.

The physical touch of another human discharges positive feelings inside of us and makes a feeling of acceptance by others. This is perceived as a major part of raising your self-esteem and will likewise relieve stress.

Not only will you look and feel better, as well as your brain will work with more clarity and you will see that when you do go over unpleasant circumstances you will have the capacity to manage them in a more positive way.

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