I bet everyone of us, at least once has put herself in a situation where beauty literally hurts. But those are situations where we know will pass quickly. But have you taught about the every day fashion details you wear how unhealthy they can be?

Here we list 5 unhealthy fashion details you didn’t know.

1. Mini skirts

Unfortunately , mini skirts are quite hazardous to health . If your thighs are not well covered you can assemble various bacteria of the places where you’re sitting. One study, also found that mini skirts  enhance  creating cellulite, especially if you are often in cold rooms – for example , air-conditioned room. The cold makes the body to create a protective layer of grease, which often results in the creation of cellulite.


2. Totes

For men , the female bag is a synonym for a black hole. This is because in  women’s bags can be found absolutely everything. This is especially true for large holiday bags for the beach , because there are mostly creams , towels and other heavy stuff . Large, heavy bags you can create problems with the spine.

The solution ? Peak into the bag and discard anything that you do not need.


3. Bra

Let’s be clear, we do not say that they should not wear them -contrary to that, it gives good support to the chest and is particularly important for women with bigger breasts . But if you wear the wrong bra size, and about 70% of women make that mistake, then you may experience back pain,  and even chest pain. Therefore it is best right now to learn how to choose the right bra. Measure the volume under the breast, and then scope the chest. Do not be guided by garment size, but measure yourself and find what suits you.

fashion details

4.Flip flops

If you think the pain in the feet  as a result of wearing high heels will disappear completely if you wear flat shoes , then you make a big mistake. Flip flops are actually very poor choice of footwear because in no way support the foot. They are not flexible at all . When we wear the it comes to uneven deployment of the force on the foot , which creates static disorders.

5.High Heels

Jennifer Lawrence called them “shoe of the devil.” Unfortunately, she is right! Besides being inconvenient, they create problems with the skeletal system. But we all endure because our legs radiate, we raise the buttocks and no single pair of shoes are appropriate with summer dresses. But if you regularly wear high heels, you risk to get arthritis, dislocation of the joint or deformation of the bones of the foot.