Are you still wondering which is the color of the dress? White-gold or blue-black ? Leave that question aside, we now have a new and equally confusing task for you.


First there was a dispute over the dress and its color. And yet there is no clear and precise answer as to which is the right combination of colors, but now there is a brand new argument.

Which nail polish is the same as the color of the high heel? There is also Twitter debate about #theshoe.

A Twitter user with the user-name @totallymendes posted photos of two different shades of nail polish next to a high heel. One shade is purple and the other one is pink.

Although, the shades of of the nail polish are different, compared to the high heel, it seems that both shades are matched to the color of the high heel.

With the issue of dress we learned a lot about how our mind works and what are the reactions that take place when we look at optical illusions , but it seems that we still have much to learn.

Now take a good look at both nail polish shades and decide : Which shade matches the color of the high heel?



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