Mustard is one of the most frequently used condiments, as it is very versatile and is an essential ingredient in many recipes. However, mustard does not belong solely to the kitchen. It can also be used for skin care, around the house, in the garden and even for medicinal purposes! Here are a couple of its uses that you probably didn’t know about!


1. It helps with sore muscles

If you have sore muscles then all you need is a mustard bath! Don’t worry, you will not be bathing in mustard, all you need to do is fill up the tub with warm water and add two tablespoons of mustard and one tablespoon of Epsom salt. When combined with mustard, Epsom salt is more effective in relieving sore muscles.

2. Keeps your garden pest-free

You may have tried all sorts of tricks and remedies to keep your garden pest-free, but the critters seem to keep coming back. Why don’t you try putting a mustard-covered plate in the corners of your garden. The scent of the mustard can be confusing for them and is especially effective for larger mammals like deer.

3. Gets rid of weeds

If you try your best to keep a beautiful garden, then you must certainly know that sometimes the biggest threat to your beautiful plants are some stubborn weeds that are really hard to get rid of. An effective way to do so is to use white mustard seeds. They release nutrients that will destroy the weeds and keep them from growing. All you need to do is sprinkle them around the garden.

4. Helps you take care of greasy pans

Mustard is also very helpful with those nasty grease stains that just won’t come out of your pans. Take some mustard powder, sprinkle it on the grease stains and scrub them off. It will absorb the grease and get rid of the nasty smell at the same time.

5. Prevent leg cramps

This doesn’t mean applying the mustard on the affected area, but consuming it on a regular basis. The acetic acid in the mustard will help your body produce more acetylcholine, the lack of which is responsible for cramps.

6. Helps with burns

Mustard can really help with some minor burns that are more of an annoyance than anything else. Apply mustard on the burnt area, at first you will get a stinging feeling but then the pain will slowly go away.

7. Helps with a sore throat

Mustard is really good at dealing with inflammation. Just mix mustard, honey, lemon juice and salt (a tbsp of each) in a glass of warm water. This combination will do wonders for your throat.

8. Helps with chest congestion

White mustard seed stimulates circulation, and this it deals very effectively with chest congestion. All you need to do is put mustard on your chest and cover it with a warm damp cloth. You’ll feel better immediately.




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