Fear is often defined as a mental phenomenon which prevents people to try out new things and gain new experiences. There are many reasons why women avoid sex, including anxiety, guilt, inexperience…


Why Women Don't Enjoy Sex
Why Women Don’t Enjoy Sex

Fear of Rejection

As men, women also have a problem with their sexual self-confidence. Sometimes they don’t feel enough attractive, but this fear can be very important because it will affect future communication with men, so they will be afraid in starting a relationship or just sexual adventure. This fear makes them feel not enough attractive, good-looking, beautiful and they can not put an accent on their sexuality. Many women don’t enjoy sex because they are afraid of the look of their breasts, cellulite, stomach…and are afraid that will reduce men’s interest. Well ladies, men don’t care about all these things, they don’t even notice that when they have sex with you. They’ve chose you for some reason they see and they like that reason. But interests will be reduced if he sees that you care about these meaningless things instead of enjoy the men’s body.


Fear of humiliation

Many woman don’t enjoy sex since they are afraid of getting the feeling of humiliation or are afraid to be used. They think that men will just use them for one night adventure and then leave them. Well, woman shouldn’t even think about fact of using and humiliation. They shouldn’t even expect something for the future… That is one of the biggest mistakes woman do. Why not enjoy in sex. You’ve found a men, you have a need of sex, as he does…so problem solved, relax and enjoy the moment without thinking of any future.


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